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Online 30 count pk order Drugstore.com

Phone 1-800-378-4786 at Drugstore.com

Orders of 500 strips or more or questions,
do call us at Chin-Up Strip Company toll free
1-888-835-4563 or email

Helping the World Sleep since 1999.

We use secure server for security of information.

Over 7 million Chin-Up Strips® sent to sleep

centers, resellers, doctors & users worldwide.

Over 2 million Chin-Up Strips® sent to Japan.

Over 1 million Chin-Up Strips® sent BSSAA UK

FDA cleared "Indications for Use" 510(k)

 "The Chin-Up Strip supports the chin during sleep,
thereby promoting and enhancing nasal breathing,
by reducing mouth breathing and oral venting."

Made in America!

Watch short Chin-Up Strip video below


Dale Miller, JD - Chin Up Strip Inventor
President and CEO.
I have u
sed Chin-Up Strips® & CPAP since 1996.

Thank You to Sleep Medicine staff for helping me
enjoy more good nights & great days since 1996!
I use AirFit P10 nasal pillows by ResMed. Love it!


Maryland Customer:

"Dear Mr. Miller: I am cpap user and needed to
prevent my mouth
from opening. Your chin-up
strips keep my mouth closed and don't cause
misalingment of my jaw & eliminated jaw pain."

Grant in San Diego CA

"Thanks Dale, I had to write & tell you that your
Chin-up strips really work! I'd tried all kinds of
other remedies but your Chin-Up strips are the
only things that actually reduced my snoring
and mouth breathing. My wife and I thank you

Our Patented Strips Help the World Sleep!

Comfortable and Effective - Men & Women!

1. End dry mouth & oral venting with Cpap
2. Safely limit mouth breathing comfortably
3. Reduce loud mouth snoring - first night

  Tan Horseshoe Bulk Roll

3M Medical Specialties - mirco-pore rayon
Tan horseshoe shape for men.

Hypoallergenic, latex free, gluten free.
Chin-Up Strips patented, die cut & packaged in USA.

1. Upper lip free to allow coughing during sleep.

2. Upper & lower teeth not jammed up after applied.

3. "Comfort Space" between upper & lower teeth.

4. Small Tan Horseshoe strip #44430 - kids age 12.


  Tan Boomerang Bulk Roll
3M Medical Specialties - mirco-pore rayon
Tan Boomerang shape for women.

Hypoallergenic, latex free, gluten free.
Chin-Up Strips patented, die cut & packed in USA.



Santa Barbara,female:  "Chin-Up strips work"

"I've tried drops, sprays, pills, nose straps, a chin
strap,nose ring, mouthpiece, even a cervical collar.
I've slept on a 16 inch bed wedge, tried pillows,
even considered surgery to remove my uvula.
(chickened out last minute)

Chin-up strips are the only thing that stopped
my snoring completely, while sleeping on my back.
Boomerang strips are gentle & don't hurt my skin."



Over 14 yrs used by men & women, skin irritation
 rare if application & removal instructions followed.

Application Video page for application instuctions.

Try Chin-Up Strip® snoring test:

Relax face, neck and shoulder muscles.
Gently hold lips together.
Inhale & exhale through nose 4-6 times.

Did you hear any snoring?

If NO, Chin-Up Strips can reduce or
eliminate your loud mouth snoring.


Sleep Lab Doctor Opinion - Chin-Up Strips


2006 Customer Survey - answers


Chin-Up Strip sleep study in CHEST


Wall Street Journal - tested Chin-Up Strips


Drugstore.com - 30 count packs online
Phone 1-800-378-4786 - Drugstore.com


#22230 Tan Horseshoe Shape
Tightest for mouth breathing.
Reduces mouth snoring
oral venting with Cpap.

  Tan Horseshoe Bulk Roll


  • Gently holds bottom lip UP position.
  • Mouth breathing reduced.
  • Nasal breathing enhanced.
  • Hypoallergenic, latex free, gluten free.
  • Upper & lower teeth not jammed together.
  • Upper lip free to allow coughing during sleep.

Washington D.C. Customer since 2006:

"I don't believe I could ever get a good night
sleep without them. I have severe dry mouth
and feel tan horseshoe chin-ups saved my life."


Buffalo NY Customer:

"Dear Mr. Miller, I regularly use horseshoe
chin-up strip each night.
It has enabled me to
sleep through the night giving me good nights
sleep. I don't snore or snort anymore."


Female Customer email:
"My husband said he never thought anything
could get me to shut
my mouth...WRONG!
Chin-up strips did the job and now he's not

the only one happy about that. They work
great with my C-PAP,
making me use it as
it's supposed to be used."

More Snoring Comments

More CPAP User comments


#33330 Tan Boomerang shape.
Most popular strip with the ladies.

Reduces mouth snoring and
oral venting with Cpap.

  Tan Boomerang Bulk Roll

- Gently holds bottom lip UP.
- Medical Grade Micro Pore Rayon.
- Airline passengers use to sleep in flight.

- Hypoallergenic, latex free, gluten free.

- Upper & lower teeth not jammed up .

- Upper lip free for coughing during sleep.


#11130 White Horseshoe shape
Women & Men with oily skin like this.
over mustache & short beards.


- Gently holds bottom lip UP. 

- Soft and Cool non woven polyester.

- Easy to apply. Remove use warm water.
- Upper & lower teeth not jammed up.

- Upper lip free for coughing during sleep.




Drugstore.com - 30 count packs online

Phone 1-800-378-4786 - Drugstore.com

Washington customer:

"My sleep doctor told me one of his patients was
using your
product for dry mouth. So, went to your
site and ordered the variety pack. After trying the
white and tan horseshoe adhesive strips, I found
I really LOVED the white ones. VERY effective in
keeping my mouth from drying out like the Mojave
Desert." Regards, Deb


Greg - Boca Raton FL
"I have sleep apnea & have to use cpap. 
I still had

problems because my mouth opened while sleeping.

My doctor suggested I try chin-ups. Am glad I  did!

They are great! Since I started using them in 2006,

I get a full night sleep. No more waking up in the
middle of the night. I use them every night and
them to everyone with this problem."

Naples FL Customer:
"I've been driving my wife out of the bedroom on
regular basis for 30 years. I recently began using
tan horseshoe chinupstrips and almost all my
snoring has disappeared."


Mr. Miller - I am Mary Walsh.  I am a mouth
breather and your Chin Up strips are terrific.
I've been using them regularly for over 2 years
and sleeping very well. 

I found using Olay Regenerist Night Recovery
Moisturizing treatment before putting on strips
(about an hour before) virtually eliminates
problem with adhesive. I use tan strips.
I thought I would share info.
Thanks for a great product.




Enjoy More Good Nights & Great Days.

"The breathing mechanism of Man so constructed
that we may breathe either through the mouth or
nasal tubes, but it is matter of vital importance to
us which method we follow, as one brings health

and strength and the other disease and weakness."

Expert Opinion page for more info

Science of Breath | Chapter 6: Nostril vs. Mouth-Breathing http://www.shout.net/~jmh/clinic/science_of_breath/ch06.htm
Maintained by


Dale Miller, Inc. Chin-Up Strip Co. - Atlanta GA

1-888-835-4563 Fax: 678-298-9988

Price Form
500 count orders at Dale Miller, Inc
Fax order to 1-678-298-9988.


Illinois Customer:
"The first week I was concerned whether I would
used to the strip. But I am sleeping comfortably
and my loud snoring is history. Thank You."


Email from Jack in Las Vegas:

"Dear Dale:You may not recall over 15 years ago
when you were working to get the business going.

I ordered a one year supply. That order was the
beginning; both
my wife and I have faithfully used
them every night. Keep up the good work.

Email from Dean in Illinois:
"Thank you very much!  I am not able to sleep
unless I have a Chin-up strip on my face. It is
a wonderful product has helped me sleep more
peacefully without interruption many years now!"



Inventor and FDA Directive:


Use Chin-Up Strips to treat Obstructive Sleep
Apnea with CPAP therapy or directed by a doctor.

Chin-Up Strips and nasal strips have not been
shown to be
effective to treat sleep apnea,
either alone or in combination with each other.

Patent - Chin-Up Strip® used alone.

Patent - Chin-Up Strip® & nasal strip kits.


Drugstore.com - 30 count packs - online

Phone 1-800-378-4786 at Drugstore.com


Please Read this!

Strips designed for one night use - light adhesive

Strips do not work over long beards or goatees.
If you are one, who is allergic to medical grade
Do not use Chin-Up Strips!



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